Our modern, purpose-designed self storage units are ventilated to ensure your possessions stay clean and dry, free from damp and humidity. We use pest control professionals to protect against insects, rodents and other pests.  The security of your belongings is a priority for us, so we’ve invested in top of the line security monitoring and individually alarmed every unit. 

Our units are available in three sizes. 


2 x 2 metres $35 per week

Mini Bay


Size: 2 x 2 metres (2.5 metre min-height); 4 square metres.
Equivalent to: A walk in wardrobe. 
Perfect for storing: Furniture for one or two rooms/a small apartment.
*Sizes are approximate 


3 x 3 metres $46 per week

Half Garage

Size: 3 x 3 metres (2.5 metre min-height); 9 square metres
Equivalent to: A typical bedroom
Perfect for storing: Furniture for a 1 - 2 bedroom home. 
*Sizes are approximate


3 x 6 metres $60 per week

Single Car Garage

Size: 3 x 6 metres (2.5 metre - 3.5m in height); 18 square metres

Massive 54m3 Largest capacity of any units in Palmerston North.
Equivalent to: A typical garage
Perfect for storing: A car or boat; furniture for a large home. 
*Sizes are approximate